It's been couple of weeks and the space is moving along wonderfully!  The stair tower is almost complete, and the urban sites team is getting ready to start electric. Estimated completion date is by EOY or early 2019. So exciting!  I thought this weeks post should include the floor layouts. you've seen the before pics, and now you can get an idea of what the finished layout will look like.

I do have 1 correction - in earlier posts I mentioned that  we will have 10,000 sq ft.. but actually, it's 11,000 sq ft.!          (math was never my strong suit..) Check out below!

Basement floor will house our massive collection of surfaces and props.

First Floor will be for video (easy load in!)

Second floor will have office and meeting, kitchen/lunchroom and in the back of the building a natural light shooting studio.

Third Floor the location space... This studio is going to have a location home feel. We often need "sense of place" for shoots so, why not build a  studio to suit these needs! Full client/living area, full kitchen and plenty of shooting space!

Fourth Floor aka "the money floor".  I say this because its beautiful  - The prettiest and tallest floor. The ceilings are amazing at 14' and it comes complete with a skylight for those natural light days. Full commercial kitchen for the stylists and great views from the client area. Ron will house most of his time here for sure.

 Next.. decor and style floor by floor... 

ron hamilton