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Ron Hamilton Food

 This work is what I do on a day to day basis. These shoots are a blast, and lead to long term working relationships. This is where our studio shines. 


Ron Hamilton Editorial

This is a look at what I capture outside of the studio. These Images are the reason I fell in love with photography in the first place. They show my curiosity to explore with a camera in my hand. The desire to capture vibrant colors, well composed images and a sense of being there when the moment was captured.

StillLife1 copy.jpg

Sarah Giacin Product

My product work is one of my favorite groupings of work. The technicality that goes along with product photography has always intrigued me and allowed me to build a great skill set, for some more challenging work. 

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Ron Hamilton Video

Shooting video has been an awesome experience here. It's always fun capturing things mid process - The drip..Sprinkle.. Or flip. These are examples of current work.  


Ron Hamilton Scent

This a category that shows my scent and icon photography. These images often appear on Brand packaging you see everyday. There is a lot of collaboration between our clients and the photo studio to bring these photos to life.


Sarah Giacin food

This grouping of work is a compilation of some of my favorite shots. I like to take a minimalistic approach to my photography but I also love to push the boundaries with bold and interesting images.

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