The Art of the Craft

Ron Hamilton wasn’t born with a camera in his hands, but his smooth, natural style sure makes it seem that way. He’s spent his entire adult life shooting, capturing and creating indelible images that have launched hundreds of brands. 

In an Instagram world of “shoot first and ask questions later,” Ron’s a throwback. He grew up in the Dark(room) Ages when composing a shot meant meticulous attention to detail. He knows how to compose a shot, how to light it, how to frame it... how to get it right the first time. He’s fully embraced all the latest tools and technologies, but his background using honest-to-goodness film gives him a perspective and a level of true craftsmanship that the digital Johnny-Come-Latelys just can’t match. 

Ron cut his teeth working for the largest commercial photography studio in the Tri-State, where he became accustomed to working on everything from lifestyle to product shots, from food to beauty. In 2004, he realized his dream of opening his own studio in downtown Cincinnati, and in 2009 he expanded to a more spacious and versatile studio at 807 Race Street. 

With 15 years of experience, Ron’s comfortable working in a wide variety of styles. But to each project he brings a singular focus: getting the shots on the camera to match the vision in your head. 



Think Globally. Shoot Locally.

It’s time to settle the East Coast/West Coast battle for photography supremacy once and for all. The undisputed winner is.... the studio that’s right in your Midwestern backyard. Sure, you could jet to NYC or LA to shoot, if you enjoy TSA pat-downs, flight delays, traffic hassles, hotel coffee and studio uncertainties. Or you could casually saunter over to Ron Hamilton Photo in the morning, get first-class treatment and world-class photography, and still be home in time for dinner. In other words, you don’t have to be a globetrotter to build a global brand. 

The Ron Hamilton Photo studio in the heart of downtown has all the amenities you need, and Ron’s easygoing nature will make your project a pleasure. It’s pure inspiration, with less perspiration.